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Elysian Labs was founded in January, 2017, with the goal of establishing flexible computing as the natural progression of UI/UX for the mid-21st century. Connectivity and communication, we realized, were no longer a luxury, but a requirement for participation in modern life, and current methods of commutation—swiping across a tiny screen, for example—had arrived already burdened by slowness, frustration, distraction, and inefficiency. 

Nowhere are these pain-points of modern UI more evident than in the American military, which depends on the rapid transfer of information in every moment to ensure the safety and well-being of those it seeks to protect. In March, 2017, we were afforded the privilege of building out the first in a planned suite of flexible on-body interfaces—CRUX-TI—alongside individuals for whom speed and robustness in hardware interaction are not just a preference, but key elements of survival: the US Air Force Special Operations Command.

Beginning with CRUX-TI, set to be fielded in March 2018, we aim to disrupt the paradigm of the smartphone in favor of the next-generation of user interfaces: smart surfaces: small, reliable, programmable, networked, on-person nodes customized on a per-user basis.

At Elysian Labs we believe that the freedom to engage with technology on our own terms does not come of its own accord: rather, it must be forged.