CRUX-TI Test Kit (with ATAK integration)

CRUX-TI Test Kit (with ATAK integration)


The basic license for CRUX-TI includes: 

1) An Android mobile app (compatible with Android API 19) that enables the user to program the CRUX-TI to open/close/switch Android apps (i.e. BDAT KDU, APE CON) on the device 

2) An ATAK plugin (v3.6.1.2 or v3.8) that allows the button to perform actions within ATAK, such as one-click activation of

dropping/deleting waypoints

making/canceling emergency calls

mark target and activate CAS 9-line for target nomination

turn on/off frag or weapons effects rings (700 meter/300 meter/100 meter)

pull-up/activate MEDEVAC 9-line for casualty evacuation

super-zoom to lowest (1 meter or less) imagery available at current position

3) One CRUX-TI button for evaluation 

Video of the button in use with ATAK:

*The instructions to download ATAK plugin will be sent separately based on system administrator’s approval. Declined purchases will be fully refunded.

**Price scales with volume. Please contact us for more information.

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